Maidens’ Mud Springs

Tom had overheard his sister’s friends talking about the Maidens’ Mud Springs and knew he had to find them.

Apparently they were very hard to find, and only a select group of women knew where they were. The legend said they were used in ages past as a place for aging virgins to go to and be rejuvenated, letting them be young and beautiful and better able to attract a husband. All the maid had to do was step naked into its pools and be reborn.

The concept of seeing a bunch of naked girls bathing was too great a temptation. Tom snuck out and followed his sisters friends, determined to follow them to the springs. He was almost caught several times, but always managed to stay just out of sight.

The pools were actually a collection of pools. It was trickier following them there because the terrain got a lot rougher. He darted behind a tree on a ledge unsure of his next move. To his delight the girls decided to go no further and started to strip.

As he leaned around the tree to get a better look, his footing gave way and he cried out before falling neck deep into the mud of one of the pools.

He felt strange immediately and tried to climb out. His foot was caught on something, he was stuck! Worse, something in the mud was eating away at his clothes! In less than thirty seconds he was completely naked!

The girls he’d followed were now naked, gathered around the pool Tom was stuck in staring with furled brows at the interloper. That was when the next changes hit. Tom felt his body swell and shrink in different places as his hair lengthened and cascaded down to his shoulders. Tom’s hands soon confirmed what the tits poking out of the mud hinted at. He was a woman.

Tom was about to ask for help, but instead all he did was moan. Some… THING had started caressing his new female genitalia, and it fucking knew what it was doing! The girls started to giggle as Tom moaned like a whore as whatever it was continued to pleasure him. He cried out and almost collapsed into the mud as he came in the most powerful orgasm of his life.

The girls later explained to Tom that THAT was the reason they all really came out here. They didn’t need to be younger or more beautiful, but the third part of the magic mud was to teach a woman the joys of sex so she’d better be more eager to attract a husband.

Tom, frankly embarrassed that he was naked, covered in mud, a woman, and had just orgasmed in front of a group of girls, asked them how he could turn back. They all shrugged and said they didn’t know. Then they picked up “Tammy” and threw her back in one of the pools. As Tammy was brought to another mind blowing orgasm she realized there were worse things in life than this.


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