Her clothes

I guess this time it was too much for her.
It’s not my fault, I was just being honest! I don’t like the way she dresses. Maybe I told her one too many times. She got angry and cast a spell on me (I didn’t even know she could do that!)
Reality changed: I became a girl, and she became a guy. We still felt attracted to each other but some details had changed, especially for me. I had all her traits and preferences, including in fashion.
I loved all her old clothes. I felt so cute, and pretty! I loved my new slim body, the feeling of those soft clothes against my skin…
All this was part of the spell, and it all went well for me in the end.
What I think my girlfriend didn’t plan was that this spell would affect her as well.
At first, she was making fun of me out of vengeance but now, I know that she meant it when she said she didn’t like the way I dressed.
All I could do was stare at her, trying to look mad, but my face would look adorable, whatever my mood.


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