Magical Necklaces with long names

The Hippy-Dippy Gender Flipping Necklace was quite the magical oddity. It’s true name had been lost long ago with the necklace itself sometime in the Minoan period. It was rediscovered (though not it’s name) in the late 1960’s by a group of hippies. They marveled at it’s powers and fell in love with it. On top of flipping the gender of whoever put it on, it also made their clothes vanish and their skin highly sensitive, forcing them to become nudists. The hippies who found it formed a commune in Florida where they could all live (and fuck, mostly fuck) together in naked bliss.

Tom and Wendy was their newest member. After he put the necklace on he felt his clothes vanish and looked down to see the blue and pink shards had changed places. His new pussy was heating up and he couldn’t wait for pass the necklace on to Wendy.


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