Bedtime fun

Andrew couldn’t control himself anymore. After he inserted the vibrating egg into Andrea’s well shaven pussy he had to rub his borrowed clitoris to feel even more pleasure. It didn’t take long, then he wanted something bigger inside him. Luckily he knew exactly where to search in her bedroom before he began the weekly masturbation session he loved so much. It became his habbit, an addiction you could say. He tried to stop his need to possess Andrea week after week because he knew she noticed that something was wrong. He even reduced his possessions to the time where she was sleeping.
But each time he depossessed her, she woke up lying in her bed as usual but her room smelled like she masturbated, her pussy and nipples felt sore und even her asshole burned like something repeatedly went deep into it. Sometimes she had a weird taste in her mouth like she sucked of a guy.
As much as Andrea cried each time, Andrew liked the nights of pure joy.
“Luckily” for her, Andrew already had plans to possess her best friend Cassy in the future for his weekly fun. He found out that she was much more sensitive and could handle much bigger dildos for even more intense orgasms…


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