Magic feet

Jake was the captain of the best soccer team in his area, a lot of scouts viewed him and forecasted him a great future.
His nickname was “Magic feet” because of his great skills with the ball, after every goal he scored, he smiled pleased.
He was 18 years old, 6’3″ tall, had a lot of muscles und looks really good.

So it wasn´t a surprise that a lot of girls had a crush on Jake but he was in a long term relationship with Nici.
Everytime they go out, some girls wanted a signature of Jake, his number or facebook friendship what Nici drives jealous.
They had a great sex life but Nici believed that he was not faithful to her.
Often he comes home late and always had a strange explaining for that so one day Nici stalked after Jake and watched him kissing in his car with one of his groupies, Kristy.
That day Nici´s heart was broken in two halfs and she cried the whole night….but then Jake text her “Babe, where are you? I´m waiting at home for you, sry for beein´ late I had an extra training unit with coach Geady. I love you <3 XXX Jake”.

When Nici reads Jake´s message she texted him back:

“You #+?=&% asshole, all I want was love and honesty. You´re just like one of this dumb, cock sucking bitches you cheated on me!”
After that she cries till she fall asleep.

On the next morning, Nici´s knocked on her door “Honey, your girlfriend Jill is here to comfort you…”
She lifts up his head and looks at the door.
A unknown girl comes in…
“Jill” sits down on Nici´s bed and tells in a whiny voice:

“Ni..Ni…Nici it´s me…Jake…This morning i woke up like this.
It was horrible, first i thought i was dreaming. When i was looking at my cellphone i read your message.
I…I….think…that´s the reason for this…please! pl…ease change me back!
The next days i´ve a lot of important matches, where a lot of scouts will watch me!
Please Nici, change me back!”

Nici was confused and angry at the same time.
Was this really true? Could it be….but…and…then she kicked “Jill” out of her room.
After all, if this is true….Jake only thought about himself…what a fucking egoist…

Now, that was two weeks ago.
Today, Nici meets Jill at the mall. Jill was shopping with her new BFF´s Kristy and April.
Jill and Nici went to a cafe and talked a lot…Nici realized that “Jill” wasn´t anymore the “Jill” she knows.
And Jill told Nici, that day after day, her thoughts changed more and more…
She is getting dumber every day but luckier, too. 🙂
And instead of education, soccer, sports, girls she now thinks about nail polish, hair, makeup, which leggings fits most on her ass, should she wear underwear or not, sex, boys, sucking cocks….
Then she showed Nici what she bought, a sexy outfit for the evening.
Because she has a date with Chris, the Quarterback from the school team and was very excited.

This night, Jill showed up her “skills” with her feet.
And after scoring…she smiled pleased – some things never change.


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