Foot Job

Harry told his girlfriend to kick off those nasty ballet flats she was in all day and give him a foot job. He loved when her feet were a bit gnarly, and loved her to give him a foot job with them. When he was about to blow, suddenly they swapped! He didn’t get his male orgasm, instead seen himself shooting a load between his new female feet!

He was stunned, he felt so soft and curvy now, and it was different having long hair around his face and boobs on his chest with a wet slit between his legs. He felt horny but in a female way, and he couldn’t believe he had the gnarly feet now, and not her.

“Ah it worked,” exclaimed his girlfriend Serena, in his former bod!

“Oh, my what worked, how is this happening,” said Harry, hearing Serena’s much higher voice.

“I bought a body swap token at the mall, and now I’m the man in the relationship. Since you were living with me and have no other place to go, I suggest you be the woman now, or I’ll kick your butt out on the street. I wanted us to stay together, but we me in charge. By the way, your feet are nasty babe, put some powder in those nasty ballet flats hah,” said Serena from Harry’s body.

“I can’t believe this, I’m a flippin’ chick! You swapped us? Change us back this instant,” said Harry desperately.

“No can do, the swap was no way, and get dressed we are going out, I’m going to show off my lovely girlfriend at a party, and put some foot powder in those shoes gnarly babe,” said Serena smiling.

The new Serena did what she was told so she would be out on the street, tears in her eyes.


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