You have some nerve

“What do you want now?” Stephanie (formerly Samuel) asked, looking coldly at his backstabbing friend. “I’ve got other things to do today.”

“I just came to apologize and offer you some champagne,” Zack replied.

“No, you came over to ogle me at my workplace and possibly get me tipsy and get into my panties: MY panties! Me, your friend and basketball teammate! First you use some weird antique ring to transform me into a tall sexy blonde (though now shorter than you), and then you claim that the ring is ‘lost’ so I might as well enjoy my new form and still be your friend. You think I’m some kind of bimbo? I don’t believe any of this. GET YOUR EYES OFF MY TITS AND LOOK IN MY EYES when I’m speaking! You have some nerve!”

Realizing that he was about to get champagne thrown in his face, Zack sheepishly backed down and left the bar. Maybe he should go back to his place to get the ring and make a real apology to his angry friend.


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