Lingerie for pregnant women (Collab with Tgmaniac1

The project was a succes. I saw on my own eyes how my friend is turning into a pregnant woman after he decided to test it on himself. The effect was beyond our imagination and I still can’t belive it really worked. After the transformation my friend, who’s name us now Kourtney wanted me to try it on. I refused, the last thing i wanted is to become a pregnant woman.

I watched carefully how the change affected my friend. Kourtney seemed to enjoy her pregnancy and she was really excited to become a mother. I didn’t understand it but I fully respected her decision. She still tried to convince me but I was stubbornly refusing. That was until Kourtney gave birth. When I came to visit her at the hospital and I saw her with the baby something inside changed. She looked so happy with her child, the bond between a mother and her baby was amazing.

After that I went back to our lab and took the panties in my hands. Slowly I put them around my butt and waited for the change to begin. Soon my whole body was becoming feminine. I lost a few centimeters in heigh, my body became thinner and my hair grew long. Then my breasts started to grow while my waist increased as well. Soon my manhood shrinked and changed into a vagina. I let out a feminine gasp as I felt my internal organs reshape, creating a womb for the baby. My belly was getting bigger as the new life begin to grow in me until it stopped at about 7 months. The transformation was over. I stood there gazing at my round belly. I put my hand on it and felt the baby moving which made me smile. It was real, I’m going to become a mom and I felt so excited.

Here I am. My name is Heather. I’m 9 months into my pregnancy and ready to give birth anyday now. Kourtney is helping me alot to prepare since she already went through it. I’m sure we are going to be great mothers and our children will become friends.


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