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Lingerie for pregnant women (Collab with Tgmaniac1

The project was a succes. I saw on my own eyes how my friend is turning into a pregnant woman after he decided to test it on himself. The effect was beyond our imagination and I still can’t belive it really worked. After the transformation my friend, who’s name us now Kourtney wanted me to try it on. I refused, the last thing i wanted is to become a pregnant woman. Read more

A trip to Japan. Part 7 (@Tgmaniac121)

Kyle just finished unpacking his stuff. Their new apartaments was finally finished and he and his husband could finally settle in. While organizing his wardrobe someone knocked at the door. It was Hideki who came to see how is his sister doing. “Come in” Kyle welcomed him with a smile. Read more

I’ll Grant your wish

Hi guys Kourtney here I’m kinda interested in your sexual fantasies if you comment what they are I’ll choose my favorite ones and make them cum true. Ok
Bye bye my sweeties !!! XXX

Transformation Express: Tgmaniac121

We seem to have another satisfied customer here at Transformation Express. This woman used to be a man named Kyle who was looking for a different life. The woman whose life he got was Shawna, a woman with massive body image issues who wanted to be a man so she didn’t have to care as much about the way she looked. Kyle, however, can’t seem to figure out what she was insecure about. He loves her body, and is glad to be this way. Shawna is happier as Kyle too, and the two of them have started dating. They both are happy now, which is a success for us here at Transformation Express

The closet

Tim was ecstatic the great shift had left him in the body of his sister Rebecca . So far he was loving it his sister who was in his body wasn’t though she would not let Tim were any of her clothes or makeup. Rebecca was convinced the great shift would revert soon so she didn’t want her brother messing with her stuff. A few months passed and Tim was still in Rebeccas body and was probably going to be like that forever. He didn’t mind though she was now Rebecca she could pick on her younger brother and wear her own clothes. The only reason that Rebecca let Tim wear her clothes is that her mind in Tim’s body adapted and didn’t care what his sister did. Tim hoped the great shift would never be reversed. He entered his new bedroom after a refreshing shower and wondered what clothes she would wear.

The TG scales

Bob was quite depressed he had lost his job, his wife and he was fat. But when a new shop opened in the mall that just happened to be a magic store he had to check it out. He was only browsing when a woman walked up to him. “Can I help you with anything??” She said
“Uh yeah do you have anything for weight loss?”
“Yeah I think I’ve got just the right thing” the woman walked out the back and soon brought out some scales . She gave them to Bob for free. Bob took them back to his apartment not knowing how they worked. As soon as he got home he took the scales into his room . He contemplated how they worked but then he decided to step on them. As soon as he did he felt a shock go through his body it was only a few seconds then he now was a she . She giggled “wow I’ve lost all my wait but I’ve also lost me dick , aw well at least I’ve gained some assets” Bob now Bree decided to hit the streets to find some studs to fuck.

Grumpy teacher. Part 1 of 3 (@Tgmaniac121)

Kyle was a 40 years old math teacher at a high school. He was grumpy and didn’t treat his students well. He hated this new genetation and wished everything could be like in the “good old times” when he was at school. He often picked on the students but this time he choose the wrong person. Linda and the rest of the girls decided to give him a lesson and used an old spell book. Kyle didn’t suspect a thing when the girls aproached him. Linda took the book and started to chant the spell. Kyle’s body started to change and in a few minutes the 40 years old man became a 14 years old girl. Read more

Batman no more.

The joker had enough of Batman so he come up with the perfect plan . “Joker your reign of terror is over hand yourself in you know I’ll beat you” “the same could be said for you bats haha haha ha ha” “what do you mean joker” ” youll see bats” joker through his new joker gas at Batman but this time Batman was vulnerable to it it started to morph he grew long hair, his nipples grew and became dd cup breasts next his manhood retreated and he was fully feminized ready for the joker “oh Mr joker I’m ready for playtime!” “Haha oh I am too darling

Santa’s little helper

This year Jeremy wanted to get a present from Santa even though it was very unlikely because he has been raping teenaged girls this year.santa was getting tired being alone so he came up with a plan. Jeremy was drunk and nearly half asleep but he could hear the rustling in the fireplace then Santa popped out “Santa is that you are you gonna give me presents” no Jeremy I have other plans for you” ” what are they Santa” “oh you’ll see” then Santa chanted become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho immediately Jeremy felt the change first his hair grew then his pecs became breasts then his manhood inverted and became a vagina before he new it he was a slut named Jesse “oh Santa I’m the ho you wanted for Christmas” oh I know Jesse you are gonna be Santa’s little helper do you know what with though Jesse ” ” no santa I don’t please please tell me” your gonna help pleasure me Jesse ” ” yay I’m so excited santa

Robin no more

Batman now Harley quinn and the joker were on one of their crime sprees their was no Batman so it was easy to get away with crime now but they ran into an old friend Robin “oh puddin look it’s my old sidekick Robin” “yes Harley it is hahahahaha ” replied joker “wait Batman that’s you no it couldn’t be weve been searching forever for you why are you a girl and why are you with joker” “well he’s my boyfriend dear and BATMAN IS NO MORE!!! OK dear” it was Robins chance he pounce but joker caught him with his new joker gas this one even more potent then the one he used on batman/harley. Robins body started to change first he looked like a teenaged girl then a twenty something woman then he/she started growing leaves and could control plants he could hear them in his head then he was completed he was poison ivy “yay puddin now I have a friend I’ll call her ivy ” “why thank you harley I’d love to be your friend” replied ivy “ha ha ha ha ha another one down”