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Lingerie for pregnant women (Collab with Tgmaniac1

The project was a succes. I saw on my own eyes how my friend is turning into a pregnant woman after he decided to test it on himself. The effect was beyond our imagination and I still can’t belive it really worked. After the transformation my friend, who’s name us now Kourtney wanted me to try it on. I refused, the last thing i wanted is to become a pregnant woman. Read more

Awruk *crosses out Victoria Justice

“Hey could you give me a second?,” awruk had to lean on something after landing in the body he so desired to be in, that of young celebrity Victoria Justice. “My god,” he now she whispered in her new voice, coming out part whisper, part coo in awe and pleasure of what was happening to her. The memories, the sensations of this body, the simple fact that she was now and forever the one and only Victoria Justice, not losing her memory of her former life, but being to easily be able to take on her rightful mantle of being Victoria Justice. Read more