All my buddies and I were on a trip. I am such a lightweight when it comes to drinking, I passed out in no time. I fell to the floor, and none of my friends were helping me up. I just could hear them chanting or something. The next day, I woke up, I was in bed, all alone. But something felt off, I looked at my body, I was completely naked, but worse of all, I had the body of a girl.

One of my so called friends walked into the room “Oh, you are awake. I hope you like what we did to you” he said. “You did this to me? why!? turn me back!” I quickly said. “Look, John… I mean Amy, we will turn you back. Actually, you will be able to turn yourself back. But there is one catch, you have to have sex as a woman before you are able to turn back”. I replied “are you insane! no!”. He then continued saying that it was up to me, and that it was better to have sex with a friend, than with an unknown person later on.

I had no choice, I reluctantly agreed. James got completely naked. I looked at him in disgust. He walked towards me, and started penetrating. I could feel him entering my pussy, pushing and pressing inside me. My expression changed immidiately, it felt good. I felt turned on. I smiled. “This is sex as a girl? I can do this everyday… for the rest of my life ” I thought. And I was right, there was no way back, they turned me into a girl, and the whole <having sex to turn back> was a ruse James made up. And to tell you the truth I am glad he did.

I think he expects me to date him and get married to him, but he will be disappointed, I am sure I am going to be a slut, I can’t wait to have sex with the rest of my friends.


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