Great Shift: Thoughts in the shower

Even as a man I enjoyed taking a shower. After I´d been transformed into a woman it became even more.
In a small secluded area I could become naked without anyone raising an eyebrow. The only company was my own thoughts.
The water that streamed out from the shower head would both warm my body and drench out all noises from the outside, it would be only me in the whole world.
I could find solace in my temporary confinement.

The water jet hits me all over my body with a strong and steady pressure, reminding me of how I look like nowdays. The feeling is definately sensual when my chest gets splashed by water, when I turn around I feel how the droplets follow the curvature of my now expanded behind.
My hands follow the outlines of my female flesh and paint out the shape of an hourglass.

Lotioning up myself is alone worth any hardships I have elsewhere in life. The sweet smell of honey combined with the caressing of my soft skin makes my inside tingle. My hands travel smoothly and I usually concentrate my ministrations on my breasts. Lifting them, pushing them and pressing them.

One hour can pass until I feel satisfied. The cleaning process takes just a fraction of that time, the rest is just for my own pleasure.
When I open up the shower cabin and into the hot mist the reality of the outside world starts to poke at me.
A world where the Great Shift happened and in which I was caught in the middle of.


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