Life Changing Experience

The visit to the secret island of Dr. Do turned out to be a life changing experience for Keanu. The Dr. was experimenting with gender change technology, and when Keanu tried his change booth out, not even believing it would work, he or rather she turned out to be truly amazed. Going outside in shock, Keanu looked down at his new body, and clothes, or lack thereof, seeing ample breasts in a tight red bra, and a flat crotch in tight red panties. The cardigan he was wearing he shuffled off a bit to get that look at himself, and was truly amazed. He felt different but good, and looked different but good as well. He realized he might actually like this, and would later thank the Dr. with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Keanu, who the Dr. was now calling Kendra, was not only finding her own body sexy, but also Dr. Do sexy as well. Perhaps it wasn’t just her body and clothing that was changed in the booth, but then again did she care? If it felt sexy and it felt right, and after all she was a woman now, why not be into this guy. After all he did give Keanu a life changing experience in becoming Miss Kendra, one that she had to admit felt totally amazing and delightfully pleasant.


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