Lesbian Friend

This girl was my girlfriend’s best friend. She’s a lesbian and is now inhabiting my body.
A few hours ago, I was at my place, waiting for Lucy (my girlfriend), when Sandra came in and told me that I didn’t deserve her, that I was a moron, etc. I stayed calm and told her that she couldn’t do anything about it anyway, and that she just had to deal with it.

In fact, she could do something. And that’s what she came here for. In a matter of seconds, we had swapped bodies. I was looking up at my old face. I started shouting with my new female voice but in a wave of hands, she silenced me.
I was starting to panic. I felt small, weak even in front of him.
“- Who are you?”, he asked me.
“- I’m Sandra”, I replied, calmly. I was furious inside. My mind was starting to be affected. I was remembering things about her, and forgetting things about me.
“- If you manage to tell me what color is *my* underwear, you get your body back. Otherwise, I think that you can now leave.”
I started searching, trying to remember when I got dressed this morning but all I could see was my boobs, my bra, my panties, …
“- Red?”

That’s how I ended up outside my flat, in this new body. I still felt attracted to Lucy, but now, I had to listen to her talking about her boyfriend and couldn’t say anything, fearing to be considered insane.


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