Learn some respect

Mike sure learned his lesson when Cindy put a curse on him. Cindy was the hottest girl in the office, everyone had a crush on her. When she got pregnant she put on some weight. One day she overheard Mike calling her a whale. It really hurt her so she decided to teach him a lesson and put a curse on him. Soon Mike started to change. His hair grew longer abd changed colour into blonde. His frame shrinked in size, his arms, legs and torse became feminine. Mike winced in pain feeling the presure in his chest. His breast sweeled, filling with fat and milk. Mike let out a painful moan as his hips expanded. Then his manhood was replaced by a vagina and finally his face changed shape. Mike was panting and sweating, the change was painful but it wasn’t the end. Soon he fell on the floor. He screamed as his belly started to grow until it looked like he was 9 months pregnant. Mike struggled to get up when his surroundings changed. He was now at home but it looked diffirently. Then Mike’s head was filled with new memories. He remember being a little girl named Kelly, growing up, marrying John and getting pregnant. As the proces was finished Kelly smiled and grabbed her camera. She took a picture of herself, gently stroking her belly. She was almost due date and she couldn’t wait to finally see her baby girl


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