Last time

“This is the last time you abuse women” the kinky looking nurse infront of me said. I was completely naked. “We were hired to make you pay for all your sins Edward” she said. I wanted to talk, but all I could do is mumble, I was tied and gagged. “What is that? you want to talk? you want to complain? Look Edward, in a few minutes that won’t matter”.

My body started to ache. “I always enjoy this part” she said while pulling out her cellphone and taking pictures of me. I felt my whole body swell. My chest was getting bigger, my ass too. Then I heard something crack, my waist was smaller. I felt my thing retract into my own body. I was finally understanding what was happening. “You are looking quite cute darling” the nurse said while taking another picture. I could see my own hair, it was getting longer. Then I started to shed my skin, and with it, my bodyhair was gone. She took another picture and showed it to me. “This is the new you” she said. I wanted to cry. “Ohh… don’t be sad. Don’t worry, in a few minutes everything will be ok” she said.

“I just have to send the pictures to our client” she said while texting someone. I just waited for a few minutes, trying to free myself, when her phone rang, “wait? what? are you sure?” the nurse said to her phone. After hanging up, “it seems…. I made a mistake darling” she said, “I am going to take your gag off, you must not yell. I am going to ask you some questions. It is very important you tell me the truth”.

She took off my gag. I was a little dizzy from all the changes, everything sounded a little muted. “Is your name Edward?” she asked, “No” I answered. “Shit, my client was right. I got the wrong person” the nurse said. “What is your name?” she asked me. It was a simple question, but for some reason, it was quite hard to answer it, “I am…” I paused, “I am… Kimberly”. The nurse looked at me, and started caressing my hair. “Sorry darling, I am sorry for the mixup, but it is late for you. Once the mental changes kick in, there is nothing I can do.” I found her words conforting. She untied me and handed me some clothes. “I already have a new… I mean your identity on file Kim. Sorry for the mixup, you are free to go. Your boyfriend James is waiting for sure outside” the nice nurse said.

I walked out of the hospital, where my boyfriend was indeed waiting for me. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. We then drove to his house. He had the evening all planned out, he proposed to me, and of course I accepted, we have been dating for years. I don’t know why I remember being gagged and tied up at the hospital, I just went there for a routine checkup.


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