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For a couple of hours

“Get away from me” said the woman that was tied up inside my own apartment. “Who are you? let me help you” I said. There was no sign of my roommate James, or his girlfriend Amy. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, but I didn’t want to be blamed for the abduction of this woman. “No! go away” she said, “don’t touch me. No one must touch me!” she cried. But I didn’t listen to her words, and started untying her hands. By mistake, I touched her ass, her expression changed completely, she didn’t look scared anymore. I could see lust inside her eyes. “I’ve been a bad girl” she said, “Teach me some modals. Spank me.” she said. “Sorry lady, but I am not comfortable spanking you, let me help you” I said, trying to be a gentleman. Read more

Last time

“This is the last time you abuse women” the kinky looking nurse infront of me said. I was completely naked. “We were hired to make you pay for all your sins Edward” she said. I wanted to talk, but all I could do is mumble, I was tied and gagged. “What is that? you want to talk? you want to complain? Look Edward, in a few minutes that won’t matter”. Read more

Missing friend

I had been looking for my friend Kim. She had been missing for weeks. I asked her family, her friends, but no one seemed to know where she was, and strangely enough, it was like they didn’t care. She was impossible to find, it was like she had just vanished. Read more