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Last time

“This is the last time you abuse women” the kinky looking nurse infront of me said. I was completely naked. “We were hired to make you pay for all your sins Edward” she said. I wanted to talk, but all I could do is mumble, I was tied and gagged. “What is that? you want to talk? you want to complain? Look Edward, in a few minutes that won’t matter”. Read more

Symptoms 2: Feeling All Better

I used to get teased a lot for being a male nurse. Sure, it’s a traditionally female job, but there are more and more men in the profession. And why not? For one thing, it pays pretty well, and you get four days off a week. Furthermore, every now and then they need some real muscle in the hospital. It’s also nice that most of your co-workers are female, providing plenty of hook-up options. And once and a while you get to take care of some smoking hot chicks dressed in nothing but a paper gown.
One day, as soon as I showed up to work, I could hear someone moaning. This wasn’t moaning in pain, mind you. This was the husky, desperate cry of a woman experiencing pleasure. I got hard immediately and tracked the sound to a room at the end of the hall. The patient wasn’t assigned to me, but as soon as I saw her, I didn’t care. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and she was furiously shoving three fingers deep into her pussy, bucking her hips wildly on the bed. I quickly entered the room and closed the door behind me. Before I could even introduce myself as her nurse, she was stripping off my hospital scrubs. She bent over the bed, sticking out a perfect bubble butt, and I took her from behind thrusting like mad until we both screamed in pleasure. It was the craziest thing I had ever done at work and the greatest sex I had ever had.
But I should have checked the patient’s chart first. It turns out that the bombshell I couldn’t help but screw had been admitted to the hospital as a man the day before. Some as yet unidentified malady had transformed him into the busty little nymphomaniac who had fucked me silly. And as I was soon to find out, the compound that had transformed her was still active in her fluids when we had sex. Halfway through my shift, I started to feel feverish. Mid-afternoon, I passed out at the nurse’s station. When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed myself, dressed in one of those silly paper gowns. Every part of my body hurt. My muscles felt like mush, my bones felt like fire. My skin felt like it was stretched too far. I started screaming in a hoarse, unrecognizable tone. But in the midst of all the pain, there was one agony that loomed at the front of my mind. I was horny.
I reached down to my crotch so that I could rub my cock and maybe achieve some pleasure to alleviate my misery. Instead, my fingers slipped right into a hot, wet slit. A wave of pleasure rose up inside me, and as I began pumping my fingers in and out, it simply grew larger. There was a tingling in my chest as the skin stretched around swelling breasts. When I experimentally stroked a stiff nipple the pleasure crashed over me, wiping away all pain as I cried out in a sexy alto, “Oh fuck YES!” No wonder that patient had been so obsessed with sex in her female body. My first orgasm as a woman was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced, and I had to have more.
Of course, when the details of what I had done came out, I was discharged from my job. Consequently, I no longer had insurance and was promptly discharged from the hospital as well. Having been fired for scandalous behavior and with no proper ID and an intense craving for sex, there seemed to be only one logical option for me to pursue. I still get paid for making people feel all better, but my friends no longer make fun of me for my job. These days, they get downright excited when I dress – or should I say UNDRESS – as a nurse.