Lack of Morals

Jason had always had a lack of morals. Pete had known that. But trying to blackmail him? Something which could get him kicked out of school? Over something as stupid as having a bag of weed in his car? Pete thought that was kinda excessive.

A deal was made. In return for 5,000 dollars, Jason would dispose of the photos he’d taken of Pete’s stash. The meet up was at a seedy hotel room a couple miles out of town.

Unfortunately for the would be extortionist, Pete had learned a thing or two from his roommate up at college. Specifically, he’d picked up a couple of interesting rituals. Pete arrived a couple hours before the meet to set things up.

It went down without a hitch. And now “Jessie” still had a lack of morals, but of a completely different nature. Pete grinned as he gave her—and her outfit—a once over. That certainly wasn’t staying on for long.


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