A 1000 dollar bet – Part 1

Okay, so recently my two best friends started arguing about which one of them would make a better woman. Luckily, a new product named “Gene swapper” had just entered the global market and I was eager to try it. We made a deal that I would swap only their male/female chromosomes. That way, they would still be the same person, but a female version of themselves. They decided I would be the ultimate judge of who was the best as a woman, but I was banned from making them do any “sexual” things. To make it even worse, the bet was pretty large: a 1000 dollars.

After I modified their chromosomes, it all took some time to work so they both went home, but I was surprised when I got a text message from Luke with a picture attached to it.

Luke: Looks to me like I’ve got the natural beauty here. I can already see those 1000 dollars in my hands.

Me: Luke? Is that you? I didn’t expect you to be so…

Luke: Feminine? Yea, I was pretty surprised when I woke up, too.

Me: Well, I must say I already like this Luke better.

Luke: It’s Lisa now. I’m trying to fit in the role, here.

Me: Are you wearing lipstick? And are those plastic fingernails? And don’t tell me those melons are fake…

Luke: What? No, for God’s sake. My tits are completely natural, size 34F. And yes, I’m wearing lipstick and fake fingernails. I already told you, I’m trying to be convincing here.

Me: 34F, you say? BRB.

Luke:Where are you? Where did you go?

Luke: Oh, come on! You aren’t jerking off, right?
Luke: OMG, you are! Get back here and answer me. Tell me it isn’t true!

Me: Sorry, I’m back! Had to clean my phone.

Luke: You fucking perv, you said you wouldn’t make us do anything sex-related.

Me: And I’m not! Jerking off to your pic doesn’t mean that you participated…

Luke: uNgh, you bastard!

Luke: I’m just curious, but what part of the pic DID you jerk off to? Just askin’.

Me: First time,to your tits. The other two times, to your face.

Well, I think I can make her have sex with me somehow. Actually, I’d better wait for her to try herself. It’s only a matter of time, considering she was curious about me jerking off.
But until then, I want to know more about what happened to Hector, my other best friend.


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