Kim & Kat

I couldn’t move, and I still didn’t know why. But the girl I had just met a tthe bar, was holding my face, “look at me” she said, and I had no choice but to look at her eyes. My eyes were fixated into hers. “Listen to me” she said, “You are Kat, my sweet lovable girlfriend Kat”, I couldn’t believe it, she wanted me to pretend I was her girlfriend?, “Why would I have to pretend? I am Kat” I thought.

She continued talking, “Kat is a redhead, with small but nice breasts, who is faithfull to me”. I felt my chest expand, my body reshape. I couldn’t see it, but I was sure my hair had changed colour too. “You will forget John ever existed, and you will be Kat forever” she told me, which sounded like a weird thing to say, I only have eyes for her, I really love my girlfriend Kim.

She pressed a little harder on my neck, “Come here and Kiss me” she said, I stood up, and started kissing her passionately. I don’t know what this whole thing was about. I always enjoy having sex with Kim. Specially when she gets some of her toys out.


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