Doing My Part, and More

It was supposed to be all lie back and think of England. Pitching in, even to the point of going to the Pink House and getting the x-strain of the Fertility Virus. One of the y-strain survivors would knock me up, not caring that I used to be a man, and I’d pop out a few kids and get on with life as things stabilized.

I didn’t expect to think that Mark was funny and great, and would be a good guy to spend time. I didn’t expect to find it so much fun to try getting pregnant. And I sure as hell didn’t expect to be this horny while pregnant.

Sometimes he just comes up behind me during the day, touches my belly and says, “You’re going to be a great mom, and I’m going to keep you in the family way.” As soon as he does, I’m wet and ready for him.


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