Kids these days…

A flash of white rushing past the door was enough to get Tom’s attention. He turned again and saw a rather attractive looking young woman in a short white dress walk past. He didn’t know who she was. She could have been his son Greg’s date, but he knew Greg wasn’t exactly a lady’s man, and this girl was clearly out of Greg’s league. He walked out into the hall and the girl turned back to look at him and smiled.

“Hi dad! It’s me Greg. Or I guess, Grace now.” She said and twirled around, “What do you think?”

Tom blinked slowly and resisted the urge to oggle the girl who claimed she was his son.


“Remember my friend Steve? Well, his sister is a witch, and when we were complaining about how neither of us had dates to prom, she decided to fix that. I had no idea she was so skilled, she’d got to be a level 8 at least. She waved her hands and *poof!* this was me.” Grace said and pointed to her body.

“She transformed you into a girl!? Did you call the police!? We’ll sue the pants off her!” Tom shouted angrily. Grace just rolled her eyes.

“Dad, relax. It might not have been my idea but it totally made a lot of sense. I don’t mind, and now Steve and me get to both go to prom and not feel like total losers. I probably won’t even be the only boy-turned-girl there, but I’ll be the only one who didn’t shell out thousands of dollars for it.” Grace said and Tom was silent.

“Does your mother know?” Tom asked quietly.

“Who do you think helped me pick out this dress? It was pretty last minute and she was super helpful.” Grace said with a smirk. Tom couldn’t believe Martha, his wife, would pick out something so… revealing for their son. Daughter. Whatever.

The door bell chimed.

“That’ll be Steve!” Grace said with a smile and walked delicately down the stairs, “These heels are tricky, but I think I’m getting the hang of them.”

Tom followed and stood there in silence beside his wife as Steve and Grace posed for a picture and then headed out to the limo Steve had rented and drove off. Tom let out a long sigh.

“What?” Martha asked.

“Kids these days…” Tom said wistfully, “Remember when we were kids, back before there was magic? The very idea…”

“Hey, they look happy, way happier than when they were getting turned down left and right for dates. Let them have their fun.”

“Their fun…” Tom replied and his voice trailed off, suddenly remembering what usually happened after prom night with teenagers. What his son would be doing…

“Don’t worry.” Martha said and put her arm around Tom, “I talked with Grace and gave her some condoms.”

The thought was both disturbing and a relief to Tom. As weird as it was to imagine himself as having a daughter now, the idea of being a grandparent was a lot scarier.


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