I still can’t believe that is me. I thought as I looked into the mirror again.
This was far from the first time I put on this magnificent exterior that made me appear the way I am. You see I am what you call…. curious. I’m very curious about several things the most being the way a woman feels. I purchased the custom made bodysuit from Nu-You. It was the best decision I have ever made. It took months for it to arrive but when it finally did… I went to town, as they say. The first time I saw I couldn’t contain my excitement. I quickly stripped down and took the suit out of the box. I unzipped the back and stretched the suit out and slipped my legs inside the suit, compressing them as I worked the suit up my body. As I reached my hips I felt my ass plump out and little sir relay into a nice moist slit. I worked my arms into the suits I looked at my now dainty feminine hands. My breast inflated to the perfect handful and the nipples popped out. All that was left was the head. As I lifted the mask above mine, I had a final thought of ecstasy as I knew what was about to happen. Once the mask was in place and zipped up the suit. I closed my eyes and felt the final changes take place. I put in some contacts and started to go to my closet. I was suddenly awestruck. Was this red-haired goddess truly me? I started to admire myself and got up on the bed, striking poses. Oh yes, this was going to be a night to remember.


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