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Losing Years, Not Prom Dates: Part Two (As request

As Marie got used to her new teenage self, she realized that her son would be home soon. And the thought of this drove her small body insane. Her tits flared, she swore she could feel a pulse in her tight, virgin pussy, and she started touching herself. And just as her son pulled into the driveway, she scurried to find clothes, but realized they’d be useless if her main intention was to get them off as soon as possible. Marie’s son enters the house, Read more

Kids these days…

A flash of white rushing past the door was enough to get Tom’s attention. He turned again and saw a rather attractive looking young woman in a short white dress walk past. He didn’t know who she was. She could have been his son Greg’s date, but he knew Greg wasn’t exactly a lady’s man, and this girl was clearly out of Greg’s league. He walked out into the hall and the girl turned back to look at him and smiled. Read more