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Jeffrey sat in Witherspoons in his sister’s body flashing her tits to her boyfriend hoping that would satisfy his sexual lust as he was not in the mood to have sex in his sister’s body again as last night was bad enough. Read more

Not sure if he was ready for this.

Tom was very uncomfortable being stuck in his sister’s body especially when she handed him a box of tampons and told him it was her time of the month with an evil grin on his former face. Read more

Why does she need so many pairs?

Jeremy could not believe the amount of crap his sister had as he ransacked her room desperately searching her stuff trying to find any clue to how she had switch their bodies and stolen his life. Read more

The shoes on the other foot.

Scott stood there in his sister’s body terrified to be trapped in that body on the night of her engagement party & it did not make it any easier when she explained to him that there was no way to switchback. Read more

I will not give in?

Jason swapped bodies with his sister Rebecca in the great shift and it was getting harder for him to ignore her body’s growing urges. Read more

Living Proof.

Even though it had been 6 weeks since Thomas’s sister stole his body and run off with his girlfriend he still could not bring himself to look at his sister’s body naked as he stood in front of the mirror fingering himself again. Read more