A Bet is a Bet – Part 2

After 2 weeks of on-demand blowjobs, Jason had to admit that I’d won the bet. Finally! I guess it’s fair that he had to test all the places he could ask for a blowjob to check if I would, and he was very thorough. He was even kind enough to let me sleep in his bed, so that I could easily give him a morning blowie! And I guess he never specified who got the blowjob either, so when all his work pals came over for the game, I was very busy.

Annoyingly, I had lost my job, because I can’t exactly fulfil my end of the bargain if I’m not at home beside him all the time! Jason was kind enough to pay my half of the rent though, because it was down to the bet that I got fired. He’s such a nice guy!

Once he admitted that I would, in fact, give him a blowjob whenever he asked, I excitedly requested my $320. Annoyed again that he’d lost, Jason went to get the money, only to stop, as if he’d had an idea.

“I’ve got an idea… I bet double or nothing again, that you can’t convince your family and friends that you’re my slutty little girlfriend now.”

He was on! It was tricky, and it took me almost a month until everybody finally believed me, but I did it. Of course, the blowjobs had stopped and I was wearing clothes again – I am a guy after all – but I was very persuasive, and wasn’t giving up on this bet.

With everybody in my life convinced, I returned to Jason, expecting his sad face once again, but this time he seemed almost smug.

“So, what are we? Not friends?”

Suddenly I realised – I had to convince ALL my friends, which obviously included Jason! Immediately, I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock again, sucking it into my mouth. This went on for another week, as I focused all of my efforts on Jason and being his slutty little girlfriend.

Finally, he admitted that he was convinced and a few days later (while riding his cock), I brought up the bet again. I thought he might suggest another double or nothing, but surely, he doesn’t want to risk dragging it on even more? He’s already down by $640!

He went for his wallet one last time and got out my money. After I got off (and swallowed his load), I turned to the table and saw the thick wad of mixed bills. Jason never used to have this much cash, but I guess he probably took it out of the money his friends paid to come and visit me.

Triumphant, I picked them up and counted them, taking them into our bedroom. Jason followed me, watching as I triumphantly put it into my purse.

“So,” he said to me, obviously upset that he’d finally lost, “how about another bet?”

I turn, on a high from finally winning, “Sure, I’ll hear you out – don’t expect to win though!”

He walks towards me, “I bet you another $20 that I can’t get you pregnant.”

Defiantly, I march to the bathroom and open the cupboard. From inside, I chuck my birth control into the trash.

“You’re on!”


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