Karmic justice

Brandon lay there in the sun smiling. He glanced down at his limp cock and the full condom on it. His girlfriend had had to run off after sex, but he didn’t mind. This next part would have been awkward if she’d been around.

He reached down and pulled the condom off, careful not to spill any and tossed it between his legs.

“namuh emoceb.” He said softly. The condom began to rapidly grow and change color. Soon it took on a human shape like a doll and grew, becoming more and more lifelike. A girl with long blond hair looked at him with brown eyes, a smile on her face, completely rigid. Then she blinked and slowly opened her mouth, his cum pouring out of it as she slowly was regaining her ability to move. Brandon laughed, knowing the same thing was no doubt coming out of her pussy and ass right now. That’s how the spell worked after all. His load had grown in proportion to her size, but split from the one hole of the condom to the three holes of a woman. She started to breath and the look on her face turned to one of contempt.

“esuap.” Brandon said softly not wanting `her’ to totally regain her ability to move just yet. She reached down and stroked the girl’s hair and smiled as she looked up at him terrified. She closed her mouth and swallowed what was left of the cum in her mouth. “So what did you learn?”

“I’ll never ask your girlfriend if I can fuck her again, I swear!” The girl said quickly.

Brandon laughed, “But you did fuck her. Didn’t you like it?” The girl frowned at him, “Be honest.”

“You turned me into a condom! Sure it felt like I was fucking her while you fucked her pussy, but it also felt like you were fucking my pussy! And my ass! And my mouth!” The girl exclaimed, “The you just left me sitting there, tasting and feeling your cum inside of me, not to mention your limp dick in my mouth ass and pussy! I’m not even supposed to have a pussy!”

“Yeah, no doubt you can tell that I fixed that problem now.” Brandon said and nodded. “But tell me how you liked it. And be honest, or else I’ll turn you into a sex doll and give you to some of my friends who don’t have girlfriends.”

“I- you made it feel really good! It’s not fair!” She groaned.

“I’m glad you liked it because you’re gonna have those three holes for awhile.” Brandon said and the girl’s eyes went wide.

“Turn me back to normal, please! I swear, you and your girlfriend will never hear a peep from me again.” The girl said.

“Oh, Greg, it’s not just about the lewd comments. Sarah says you grabbed her at a party. A few times.” Brandon said.

“I- I was drunk, I’m sorry.” Greg said.

“Oh, I believe that. I doubt she’d the first though. I imagine you running into a girl who was dating me was just karma catching up to you. Here’s the deal. Remember how I told you I had some friends without girlfriends? Well, you’re going to fuck each and every one of them, at least once each with your mouth, pussy, and ass. When you’re done you come back to me and I’ll turn you back to normal.” Brandon explained and then paused for a minute while she seemed to think “esumer.” He said and she flexed and bent like a normal girl and sat up, pulling away from Brandon’s naked form.

“Fine.” Greg said.

“Excellent. Take as long or as short as you like. I’ll give them your phone number. I’ll tell them a hot slut I know is coming through town and wants to party. They’ll figure the rest out.” Brandon said and stood and started to get dressed.

“Umm, do you have any clothes?” Greg asked.

“Nope.” Brandon said and pushed her towards the door, “Out you go.” He said and before she knew what had happened she was out in the hall naked.

Brandon listened. After a brief pause he heard rapid foot falls fading in to the distance. No doubt the naked girl with a good deal of cum on her was running away, trying to stay hidden. He’d heard Greg did something similar to another girl once. This just seemed fair.

It also seemed fair that one of the Brandon’s friends really was grossed out by anal, meaning `Grace’ was here to stay.


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