It’s not all of fun.

Matthew said to his friend Jessie who was jealous of him getting a woman’s body in the great shift whilst he was stuck in his nerdy teenage boys body.

It’s not all fun being a woman I am now 10 years older and I have a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis you don’t know the nightmare of maintaining a body like this & don’t get me started on the emotional effects of hormones a woman’s body is always on the brink of doing something crazy or breaking down.

As he stood there looking weary and tired from another hard day at work as he listened to his friend going on about how much fun it must be to have your own pair of tits & being able to play with them whenever you like as he lifted up his top exposing his bra and breasts and said to his friend they are great to look at but having them stuck to your chest all day is annoying.

They are constantly getting in the way & if you don’t wear a bra they just swing and bounce about and if you do wear a bra you have to put up with straps cutting into your shoulders & people only talking to your chest I never knew how annoying it was not to have people talking to your face but your chest I now get why women get pissed off with it and don’t get me started on that thing between my legs it’s always damp and sticky, knickers are uncomfortable and having to pee sitting down is just no fun.

That’s not to say there are not some benefits that come with being a woman but I rather have my old friend back if I have sex in this body I have to really be careful that I don’t get myself pregnant its just too much responsibility to handle being a woman might look fun from your situation trust me if I could swap back I would.


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