Karma Slutra

Instead of Karma Sutra, Kendra wanted Kenny to try Karma Slutra. He agreed not knowing what it was, but he soon found out! He was changed into a brunette slut riding a well hung muscleman while his girlfriend Kendra was giving him tongue. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed the new slut as she was being penetrated by this well hung hunk, while her girlfriend pleased her mouth with her tongue!

After the sex, Kendra asked Kenny if he was ready to change back, and he said he wasn’t, he wanted to stay as a woman, and just be her girlfriend, and keep this boy toy on the side for the both of them! Kenny asked to be called Krista and even asked to borrow one of Kendra’s sexy dresses, so SHE could go shopping for her own! Kendra shockingly agreed, not expecting this, happy that he wanted to be just like her, a hot sexy woman!


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