Oh Joy!

Jack was ecstatic, after ten years of service with his company, Morpho New You, he was given an award for good service. He was asked what he would like as a reward, and he told them his secret.

“Well, I don’t know how to put this, but… I would really like to use your Morph Device. I know it’s really expensive, but I though since I’ve worked here so long and did well, why not be able to have a company perk,” asked Jack.

“We could arrange that, Jack. Why not? That wouldn’t be out of the question. My only question is, what are you planning to morph into. You do realized a human can only morph once in their lifetime, a second time would end you. Just so you are aware, even though I’m sure you are working here for so long. I’m just curious,” asked his boss Larry.

“Well, um, I don’t know how to put this, but I want to use it to become female, to be a woman. I know it’s going to be a one way trip, but I’m willing to try. I’ve wanted this my whole life, but never worked up the courage until this opportunity presented itself. I had to do my self a service and at least try. I didn’t want to go through the rest of my life, not knowing if this would have been the better path for me. I know it’s one way, there will be a lot of adjustment, but I can do this, I want to do this, I’m finally ready to do this, and I hope you will allow me too, and provide me with a new ID. I can continue to work here after that, I will just be, well hopefully better to look at! What do you say? Are you ok? I’m ready when you are,” asked Jack.

“Jack, wow, I didn’t expect this from you, I never would have thought you would want that, but this is an open minded company. Many men have come and gone out as women before, and led better lives. You shouldn’t be looked at any different. You will be our first male employee to go female however, but that is ok. I will get used to the new you, we all will, like I said, open minded,” said the boss Larry.

Jack got changed in the change lounge, and immediately realized the changes, even his clothing matched his new body, he was smiling, saying, “Oh joy!”

The boss walked in, “Are you happy now,”

Jack replied, “Oh yes, yes! My first words as a woman were ‘oh joy’, and that will be my new name I think, call me Joy!”

Larry said, “Ok, then Joy. Welcome to womanhood. You will of course, have to adhere to the female dress code, but I seen the machine did a good job of that already. We’ll set you up with a new ID with the first name Joy. Hmm, just make sure you wear some pantyhose tomorrow and some heels, those bare legs and flats are to casual for the office here. You know the rules, Joy. I’m glad you are happy, and why don’t you get me some coffee while you are at it?”

Joy was so happy she went to get the coffee, not even thinking this wasn’t her job, she wasn’t as secretary.

Larry came over behind Joy, “So now you will be a secretary, that’s the position I want you in now, my personal one, babe.”

Joy said, “WHAT?! I’m getting demoted now? Because I’m a woman now? I thought you were open minded.”

Larry said, “I’m just kidding”

He slapped her on the ass, and Joy got her first taste of some office harassment, but she was still a happy chick!


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