Karen, the Young

(Part 9, #Olivia)

I sipped from the tea Bill brought me as I looked around his parlor. I saw framed family photos around the house, but they looked older. It didn’t feel like anyone else lived in this house, and I got the impression that Bill had been alone for a little while now.

There was a photo of who looked to be his daughter. She did actually look a lot like what my bodysuit looks like, and she was wearing a high school graduation gown. She was pretty.

“So what do you want to know?” Bill asked me.

“What happened? How did you meet her?” I set the tea down and looked for an answer expectantly.

He mused for a moment. “She did come here saying that her car was messed up in the desert and that she was lost. Had no way of getting home.” He paused a moment, as if remembering. “She tried… seducing me that night to try to get a ride but when I wasn’t having it she got mad and ran away with one of my… priceless books.”

Seducing him? Oliver? This guy must be lying, clearly Oliver would NEVER just try to seduce another guy, even if he was disguised as a woman…

“What kind of book?” I asked.

“A very important book. Leather bound, old pages. I need it back.” He said, intensely. “Listen, it’s getting dark out. You are welcome to stay here tonight, and you can go to town in the morning. You can sleep in Hannah’s room.”

Hannah’s room was definitely a girl’s room, and I could tell that Bill left it pretty much in disturbed. It was a little hard to tell how long Hannah had been away, but at least the pink sheets and pillows were clean and Bill even offered me a change of clothes, since Hannah was about my body’s size.

At about 3 AM, I felt like doing some investigating. I figured Bill was fast asleep. I quietly went through Hannah’s drawers, closet, under the bed. I wanted a sign, something to tell me who Bill was. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in the bedroom, so I decided to ante up to the house library.

It was elaborate. There were so many books here! Many looked super old, not unlike the description he gave of the book Olivia “stole.” I can’t imagine any one of them being…


I jumped. Oh shit, he found me.

“Uh, hi Bill. I couldn’t sleep very well, so I decided to look around your house. I’m sorry…”

“I haven’t been very honest with you. You see, I’m a spellcaster. And Olivia took one of my spellbooks.as you can tell, I really need it back.”

“A spellcaster? What are you talking ab-”

“Don’t interrupt me. I used to have the power to make girls like you be unable to resist me and be little minxes in my lap, but unfortunately that was the book your friend Olivia took. No doubt you wanted to take a book from me as well!”

“No! I didn’t even know!”

He had a book in his hand already. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. Normally I’d try to make you into a slut or something, but I like you. You remind me so much of my Hannah. So I’m going to make you the same age she is. 17.”

“You’ll… what!?” I didn’t believe he could do it. Didn’t believe he could knock five years off of me. But he started the read from the book. It was scary to hear, and weird to feel.

My body didn’t change much, but I felt a small crawling sensation around my body. Turns out, five years all at once is a lot to put a body through. My skin still felt softer, and my face had a definite teenage look to it when it was over. Staring in the mirror I was amazed by what magic could do to a person.

“Wow… I’m…” I put my hand on my younger, girlish face. But then I thought for a second, wait, this isn’t even MY body. I’m in a bodysuit. What does that mean…?

I reached my hand around to my neck to feel for the hidden zipper. Then, I started to get an adrenaline rush when I failed to find it. It was gone.

“What have you done!?” I cried. “I’m… not a girl, Bill. I’m a man!”

Bill raised his eyebrow. “What? What do you mean you’re a man? You’re Karen, you’re clearly a girl!”

“No, I’m in a bodysuit. So is Olivia. Why is the zipper gone!?” I was freaking out. I couldn’t believe it.

Bill chuckled a little. “Huh. Well, then, that would explain Olivia’s reaction. I saw the scar on her neck and yours and decided to repair it. I’m sorry, but you’re stuck in that suit, for now.”

Unimaginable. “Change me back! If you can make me younger you can return the zipper, surely!”

“I have a spell that can change you back into a man, sure, but I want my book. You’ll have to find Olivia first. Until then, enjoy being 17. Now, get out of my house. Don’t come back without the book!”

I stormed out of Bill’s place. I was alone, I was afraid. I was somehow stuck as a 17 year old girl. What kind of trouble did Olivia get herself into if she’s been gone a full month!? And with some kind of magical book?

Where should I search next? The school? The pubs? Somewhere else?


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