Just a Fantasy

Brad had always been into feminization. He loved captions and stories, and was always searching for new stuff to see and read. One day, he stumbled on a hypnosis chatroom, and got to talking with a few people there. One chatter was interested in feminization as well, and offered to chat with Brad about it, which he eagerly agreed to.

Over the next few weeks, they talked frequently. Brad tried very hard to go deep under her hypnosis, but he never felt he was getting anywhere. She said not to worry about it, and that they’d keep trying. So they did. They chatted almost nightly.

After another few weeks, Brad was ready to call it quits. He didn’t think he’d gotten anywhere, and he was frustrated. He sadly typed in what he thought would be his last message to her.

Brad: “Hey, I think I’m going to call it quits. It’s just not working for me”
Sam: “Awww, don’t do that. I thought it was going well”
Brad: “I haven’t noticed any changes, and we’ve been at it for weeks”
Sam: “What about if I say GIRL TIME NOW?”

Brad looked down, and didn’t even recognize himself. Had he been wearing these yoga pants the whole time? Why was his ass so big…. so feminine? Is this…. is this a bra?!

Brad: “OMG. When did you do all this?!”
Sam: “I didn’t do any of it. You did…. KIMBERLY”

Kimberly ran a hand through her hair. Why was she even in this room again? It’s not like she was a guy….


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