Create your perfect girlfriend

Today was the day, Julian had decided to give that “create your perfect girlfriend” a test. He had plan to change his actual girlfriend into his ideal woman. But he cannot use the ap on her like this, she will certainly take it wrong. So he have thought of using the modify on himself first in order to save the changes and apply them on his girlfriend later. He will use the reality change and he will be alone to know what happen. It was the perfect plan.
He activated the self camera, he began his work. First he changed his gender, and, in a flash, he was a woman version of himself. It was amazing to see how he could have look like if he was born a girl. After having played with his new breasts, he decided to refocus on his task and continue the modeling. He always have a thing for asian so he change his race, and again, he was now an average asian girl. Then began the real work, he began with his silhouette, giving him the perfect curves, long legs, round buttocks and a voluptuous pair of breasts. Now he had a killer body, he began restructure his face. At the begining he was kind of cute, but after modifying details of it for a good half hour, he had now the face of the perfect asian beauty.
All was perfect now, his girlfriend will be perfect, he thought. He then made some comportment changes. Like she will now have to act really feminine. Clever but not too clever. He felt the change happen to him, he realised he had some new memories added to his old one, a complete other persona he had crafted, was now living in his brain. All this began to scare him and he decide to stop his changes, made his save and return to his true form. But before he click on the “save” button, he saw the “name” field. A last one, cannot harm, he though. And he enter “Harumi”. Then he validate.
Suddenly, he heard the door opening, it was his girlfriend coming from work earlier. He began to panick and try to save before returning to his true self. But, in his hurry, he misclick on the apply button. As he view the loading bar coming to completion, he tries to cancel but it was too late. When it reach one hundred percent, it was over. Julian vanished from existence, leaving just Harumi.
The girl blinked, trying to remember what she was doing. The calls of her roomate pull her out of her thoughts. She saw the “create your perfect boyfreind” ap and look at her roomate then tell. “Hey roomie, wanna try something new?”


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