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Just a Fantasy

Brad had always been into feminization. He loved captions and stories, and was always searching for new stuff to see and read. One day, he stumbled on a hypnosis chatroom, and got to talking with a few people there. One chatter was interested in feminization as well, and offered to chat with Brad about it, which he eagerly agreed to. Read more

Chat surprise

Scott was surfing the net one day when he found Open tg Captions clicking on the blog link he started reading the headings. Suprised to see the Chatroom button he clicks it. after registering a nickname he enters the chatroom finding it empty he goes to get a drink. when he comes back he has a strange message. once clicking it to his shock he is hit with a pink light Instantly becoming a Woman.

Interactive Chat Commands

Hey guys and ladies, |shadowborn| here. The girl you see on camera is my best friend Samuel, though perhaps we’d better call her Samantha now! I have magically transformed her into a girl just now, and the spell is still pretty fresh. She will think anything, become anything, and obey ANYTHING you say to her, and all you have to do is post your command in the comments! Read more

Video chat

I kept scratching my head. I was really confused. “I remember being someone else five minutes ago” I said outloud “But why can’t I remember who?”. I felt my earings hanging from my ears. My long hair touching my shoulders. I looked at my hand, it was feminine, “I don’t know why I feel like I am a man. I look like a woman” I said while squeezing my breasts. Read more