I was so lucky. I just got to las vegas, and for some reason, I was moved to the hotel’s biggest suite. “They must have mistaken me for a high roller or something. Imagine all the girls I can get with a room like this” I thought as I entered the suite. After unpacking I saw a little closed bottle closed to the tv. “Rubber” it said, “perfect for rubbing one out”. That’s a funny name I thought, must be some kind of lubricant.

I openned the bottle, its smell was intense. “Wow what is that?!”, I started to feel the urge to… you know… rub one out. I jumped on the couch, and started doing so, I closed my eyes and imagined a really hot brunette. Something felt missing, I grabbed some of the “rubber” and used it. It was hot, not burning hot, but hot. I closed my eyes again, and continued doing my thing. I just couldn’t stop picturing the hot brunette. Then, something unexpected happened, I felt my thing pop off. “what the?” I openned my eyes again. And I was holding a purple dildo with the shape of my own equipment. I looked down, and I had a pussy, I looked at my chest and I had breasts. I should have stopped, but I was still turned on. I used the new dildo, I closed my eyes again. This time I was still imagining the same brunette girl, but I was her. I came several times. I left a mess in the couch. I was exhausted. I passed out.

Later on, I heard some voices. “She’s ready?” “I think so?”, As they woke me up. They handed me some exotic clothes. “It’s time for work Jade”. I knew something was wrong, but that sure sounded like my stage name. I got dressed, put my new dildo inside my purse, and followed the men to the closest strip joint. I was excited, it was my first of work, and somehow, I feel like I hit the jackpot.


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