Medical Testing

“Please, take off your clothes, put on this robe and wait for the doctor here” the nurse said. Last week I had volunteered for some tests. If I had known the tests would have turned me into a girl, I wouldn’t have gone through with it. It took a whole week, but day by day, I could see my body change. First I grew breasts, then my pennis shrunk until it became a clit, my balls retracted into myself forming a nice vagina. My waist shrank down, my hair got longer, anyways, I kept changing until I was 100% a girl. Even my voice is different.

The doctor came to inspect me. After a few tests, “You look like a healthy young lady” he said. “And no mental changes, right?” he asked me. “Mental changes? No! you mean after this is all over I will like boys?” I asked him. He looked worried, “only 50% of the test subjects went through mental changes. There is no telling if it will happen to you” That wasn’t much of a relief. After taking a blood sample, the doctor left the room. “Please wait a little more. When I come back, I will give you the results”.

I must have waited for hours. The room was almost empty, just a couple of chairs, a table and a big mirror. Curiosty got the best of me, I took my robe off and started looking at my naked body. I sure was hot, but I would look hotter with make up on. “Wait? what am I thinking?!” A few more minutes passed. “sure the doctor looked cute… fck! mental changes!” I thought. It didn’t matter, after a few more minutes, my mind was all messed up. I couldn’t even remember my male name. “I sure look like a Kim” I said outloud while looking at myself in the mirror. “Miss” I heard a voice, I turned over. “All your tests are back. It seems everything is normal. Like the doctor said, you are a healthy young woman. We don’t know what caused the amnesia, but we are hopeful it will only be temporary”. I was so happy for those news. “Please get dressed, your parents are waiting for you”. As I walked outside, a couple was waiting for me, they said they were my parents, but the truth is I don’t remember them. “Kim!” my mom said, while giving me a kiss “don’t worry, we are here for you”.


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