Summer of fun

This is the best vacation ever! I knew we would have had the time of our lives on this trip.
Barcelona is beautiful. The beach, the sea, the clubs. There’s so much fun to have. But it’s not only the beautiful location. When I suggested to my friends that we could spend our summer break here they loved the idea, but they couldn’t imagine that I was interest in a certain magic shop I read about in a guide. I still can’t believe that the potion I bought there actually worked. We are now girls! This is incredible!
I love this pic. We all look so happy and carefree. Just like I wanted this vacation to be for us. I’m the one on the far left by the way. My name is Sam, or I should rather say “was”. Now I think Samantha would be much more fitting for my new self. I really like how I turned out as a girl. There are a few things I wish were different, for instance I kinda wish I got bigger boobs. But overall I think I really make a beautiful girl, and the fact that I turned into one like I have always dreamed of is already amazing enough.
My friends understandably weren’t as thrilled as me at first. After all I changed them against their will. But I had no choice, if I suggested them to change our gender for the duration of vacation they would not have believed me and they also would probably have been against it. They freaked out so much when I sneaked the potion in their drinks and they saw their bodies change and reshape in front of their eyes. I waited a whole day before revealing them that I was responsible for their transformation. I feared they could have killed me if I told them that right away before they got used to the idea.
Now however it is different. I think they love it just as much as I do, if not more. The girl on the far right used to be my best friend Steven, but now we call her Stephanie. I think she is the most thrilled about this situation beside me. She seems to like her new breasts more than everything else. She gropes them and caresses them every time she can and she loves to show them off. She gets us a lot of free booze from bartenders when she wears one of the revealing outfits she bought for herself. She has become quite the slutty one of the group.
To her right the petite brunette is Tara, who used to be Trevor. She is the one who changed the most. She used to be the tallest among us and as a football player she was also pretty ripped. But now she has become so petite and cute. She didn’t like it at first, but I think she is starting to like it. Especially considering all the attention she gets from guys. Who would have believed that someone who used to be so tough and masculine would flatter and blush like a teenage girl at the first compliment coming from a guy?
The last girl is Tom, who we started to call Tamara. She hates it though. She is the least thrilled about her transformation. I guess it is going to be more difficult to accept for some than for others, and I feel sorry she is not enjoying herself as much as we other girls do. But I know how to cheer her up and make her realize how amazing all of this is. This afternoon after the boat trip I will take her shopping on the Rambla, and we will get her a nice dress for tonight. Then we will go clubbing. I’m sure a couple of drinks will be enough to make her relax and enjoy herself and loose all the negativity. After all she is not going to handle much alcohol now that she weights almost half of what she used to as a guy. I will get her tipsy in a matter of minutes and I will find her some hot guy to have some sexy time with. As soon as she will have sex as we all already did she will be just as thrilled as we all are.
It would be a shame if she ends up being the only one to go back to be a guy at the end of our trip. Yeah, I will have to endure a lot of rage from my friends. They will not be happy when I will tell them that by having sex as girls they got themselves stuck like this forever. I’ve been a little unfair hiding that from them, but I couldn’t help it. I really wish this could last forever. And now it will. They are going to accept it, and realize that this is the best thing that has ever happened to them. After all at first they were against the idea of having sex as well, but now they can’t have enough of it. Despite how though and masculine Tara tried to act, she soon enough was sucking on that dick like a pro in the club bathroom. And we had to stay out for the whole night when Stephanie occupied the hotel room for herself to have sex with that hunk who picked her up at the beach. I have no idea what they have done, but she hasn’t lost that happy smile ever since. And for what concerns me, let’s just say that I had fun as well. So much so that I’m not willing to give this up ever.
I will have a lot to explain to them when at the end of the vacation they will not go back to being guys as I promised. They are going to hate me at first. But I’m sure they will accept it and realize that it was all for the best. We are going to be the bestest friends, and this will be the first of many trips we will have together. Girls rule, and I’m glad I could finally become one like I always wanted. And I’m glad I have my friends here to share my joy.

For those of you waiting for their turn in my Slutty Life series do not worry, I’ll get to the remaining requests asap 😉 I just had this summer-themed caption ready and I figured out today would be a fitting day to post it since in my country it is holyday. Enjoy the summer and have fun! 🙂


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