It’s going to be a WONDERful night

“This was going to be the best Halloween ever! “ I screamed as I left work. I jumped in my car and burned the tires leaving the parking lot. How did I know this night would be so great? I had the best costume money could buy, well my money could buy. I was going to be wearing this new prototype bodysuit that wasn’t available to the general public.

I don’t know how I was even getting one. I had been on the companies web site when I chat window came up and a customer rep started asking all these questions. At the end of the chat the person on the other end told me I would be getting this great suit that could turn me into Superman. Literally, Superman, it came with a full Sups suit. I was pretty pumped.

I got home and took a shower and then started putting the suit on. I could feel my legs getting bigger and muscles forming where I had none before. As I slid it up to my waist I felt something odd. It had a cock that you put your cock in. Impressive size ladies, I was thinking. Next my stomach tightened and I got the best six pack I’ve even seen. Up to my chest and arms. My arms where huge. I put on the face and hair and it was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and stood with my hands on my hips like Superman. As I looked at myself in the full length mirror something was happening. The body hair suddenly fell out and the legs got a bit smaller and more, feminine? Next my arms did the same thing and when I looked at my hands they were slimmer and I had longer finger nails. My six pack disappeared but my stomach was still tight. My butt got bigger and fuller and then my chest started expanding and didn’t stop until I had a pair of impressive DD boobs. Next the face softened. My lips got fuller and my cheek bones raised. The black hair on my head got longer and flowed down my back and over my new tits. Lastly, that giant cock shrunk to nothingness and then retreated inside my body. In it’s place was a vagina. I put a finger on my new clit and shuddered at how good it felt.

I shook my head trying to get my mind around what had just happened. I looked in the box and found my costume. It wasn’t Superman but it was a strong hero. I put on the one piece sliding my legs in and pulling it up over my giant tits. Already I looked incredible. Next I put on the gauntlets and tiara and lastly the boots. The boots had four inch heels on them but after a few quick strides I found I was perfectly steady like I’d been walking in heels my whole life. I looked so hot right now and felt so horny.

While I was admiring myself in the mirror I heard and phone. It was mine so I started looking for where the sound was coming from and found a purse in the box the costume came in and inside was the phone. There was a text. It said, Diana can’t wait to see you tonight Clark”. Diana and Clark are the alter egos of Wonder Woman and Superman. It didn’t say where we should meet though. I looked through the purse for some clues and found a drivers license with my photo, as I looked now, with the name Diana Prince on it. I was legit so getting a drink wouldn’t be a problem. The purse also contained cosmetics and condoms. I checked my face, I was pretty but plain, and put on the pink lip stick and eye shadow and mascara. Now I looked stunning and I was ready for a great night.

I still had my invitation to the party I had planned to attend so I thought why not it would be fun. I arrived at the address and found out the party was in a huge mansion. There was valet parking and everything. When I stopped the car a cute young man opened my door and offered his hand to help me out. I handed him the keys and fluttered my eyelashes at him as I passed. Did I just think he was cute, and I was flirting? It seemed odd but felt right at the same time. I strode to the big double doors and two more men opened them wide allowed me into a grand foyer. A smart looking woman dressed in a military uniform took my ticket and said “welcome my lady, enjoy your evening” then she added “that’s a fantastic outfit and super sexy”. I blushed and little and thanked her giving her a wink as well. I was in awe as I entered to main room. The ceilings seems to go up and out of sight and open to the sky. I’m sure it was just a painting on the ceiling but it looked so real. The walls were lined with paintings and marble columns. The person who owns this house had to be loaded.

My entrance did not go unnoticed. Several party goers near the front looked my way and I could feel their lustful eyes checking me out. Not just the men either. I just walked confidently through the room and over to the bar and got a drink. I took a sip and looked over the room. I saw a lot of comic book costumes but not what I was looking for. Suddenly he appeared next to me. He looked the part, tall, dark hair with a little bit of a colic hanging down and he rippled with muscles. He leaned on the bar and said in a sexy male voice “Diana” and without missing a beat I responded breathy “Clark”. We both laughed and he sat down. We started talking and he was so fascinating and he seemed very interested in me. Eventually Clark took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. It was no surprise but of course he was a excellent dancer. He made me feel incredible and I thought I was floating half the time. As a slow song started he pulled him close to him. I starred into his eyes. They were the darkest blue I had ever seen. He leaned down and kissed me. Once again I felt like I was floating again and I was wet between my legs. As we kissed and he pulled me even closer to his body I could feel his cock against my leg. Now I was so incredibility horny I was going to burst if it wasn’t taken care of soon.

Right on cue he once again took my hand and led me away from the ball room and down a hallway. We passed many rooms and finally came to our destination. It was a room at the end of the hallway. Clark scooped me up in his arms and swung the door open. He suddenly tossed me over his shoulder which elicited a surprised me so much I gasped. Moving across the room he hoisted me over his shoulder and I found myself on the bed looking up at him. He joined me and we starting making out like teenagers. His hand found my left breast and mine started stroking his massive cock.

My hormones were in overdrive and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed him on to his back and made my way down between his legs. I started licking his cock and savored to taste of my first cock. I wanted this feeling to last forever and opened my mouth and took him down my throat. I fondled his balls while sucking him deeply. Even though this was my first time I must have been doing it right because I could hear Clark moaning his approval. I wanted him to come in my mouth but he wasn’t ready for that. He sat up and pushed me down onto my back and started fingering my pussy. Now it was my turn to moan with pleasure. It didn’t take him long to hit the right button and I screamed as I experienced my first female orgasm. I rocked my whole body. It was unbelievable. While I was still recovering from that his fingers were replaced with his tongue. I was squirming around but he would let me go and used his expertise to bring me off again. How, how could he do this so soon? He was a god of sex and pleasure. I didn’t think he could do anything else that could top this when he plunged and rock hard cock into my soaking pussy. He thrusted into my wet snatch and leaned down and we were making out again. He hammered me until I was on the verge again then pulled out suddenly. I couldn’t believe it, what was he doing, I needed relief now. I wanted to cum but he turned me around again and put me on my hands and knees and went at me doggie style. That was what I needed and I screamed so loud that I thought everyone from the party would be here soon as wave after wave of pure pleasure shook me once again. I knew he was close to so I spun around and swallowed his love gun as he fired his warm sticky ambrosia into my mouth. I taste was divine.

Later while we were basking in the afterglow Clark told me he was the person I was chatting with on the bodysuit website and he had set me up to become a woman for this very purpose. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I leaned over the kissed him and said “thank you, this was my best Halloween ever.”


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