Prolonged vacation

The man looked very angry when speaking to the good looking girl at the pool area in a hushed tone.
“I want my body back, you thief!”

“No can do, toots”, the raven haired beuty answered. “I like it in here”.

“If you don´t switch us back I….I….I will beat your sorry little ass!”

“And then what? You will just damage your own body and after that the police will drag you away”. The girl clearly mocked him.
“Tell you what, I´ve got an suggestion for you”. She continued: “I`m here on a vacation with my awfully dreary wife. She is so boring that she rather sit down on the balcony and knitting, stuff she already do back home, than going out seeing the sights or meeting the people. Your seems so to have so much more fun. No wonder with these assets”. The girl squeezed her breasts together.
“I`ll swap you back on one condition”.

A glimmer of hope was lit in the man´s eyes.

“I came here to have a vacation, that includes from my boring wife. You stay as me for one week, keeping up appearances, and afterwards we will switch back. Just to remind you, this is what´s going to happen regardless of your answer. If you blow it and my wife finds out that you´re not her husband I´ll stay in this fine body”.

Defeated the man agreed. How could his vacation have become such a disaster like this?


A week later.
The man was standing on the agreed upon spot at the agreed time, wandering back and forth. Where is she? I want to go home to my normal life. The week had been awful, all he had done was sitting down keeping his ´wife´company either on the beach or in the room. Plus the occasional restaurant visit.
He had been standing there for hours until his wife came and collected him.


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