Baffled by the things girls do.

Karl still could not believe he had agreed to swap bodies with Melanie his best friend and next door neighbour for a couple of hours just so she could go and see some cheesy rock band and not get in trouble with her mother for breaking curfew again.

He wondered what all the rustling was coming from his top as he walked around her room.

He had promised her that he was not going to do anything nasty to her body whilst he was in it but the dam rustling was annoying him and he decided just to have a look down her top where the noise seem to be coming from.

He ignore the small but perfectly formed breasts which looked so inviting just hanging there and started pulling out handfuls of tissue paper that was stuffed in her bra evidently an attempt to make her breasts look bigger.

He could not believe how much paper he was pulling out of Melanie’s bra as he sat on her bed waiting for her to come home with his body.


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