It is time to wake up

I knew the dreams felt real. But I didn’t know how real they actually were. Imagine everynight dreaming you are a hot brazilian girl. And now, imagine how good it feels when you discover you can actually control your dream. At first I was scared about those dreams, but now I spend my whole day hoping to fall asleep, so I can be Adriana once again.

I know it is hard to believe, but I feel like Adriana is real. So I decided to get some proof. I went to bed early as usual. It didn’t take long, after a few minutes I was looking at my own reflection. Long hair, curvy figure, feminine hands, and a cute face, “I am Adriana alright” I said with a cute sexy voice. And not only that, I said so in portuguese. I grabbed Adriana’s cellphone, and took a selfie. I quickly sent a message to my phone, my real phone. “Hi, it’s me Adriana xoxo” I wrote and attached the picture.

The dream went on as usual. I hanged out with some of my friends, I mean Adriana’s friends, and later I went to my boyfriend’s place. Where we made out. Few minutes later, I woke up. I was back as my maleself, and felt kind of bummed down. “My phone” I said outloud. I walked towards it, my heart beating so fast, I was about to find out if my dream was real or not.

Part 1.
Part 2. (current)
Part 3.


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