Being the Moms: Ryan part 2

After a kisses and fondling from his father, Ryan was fully aroused and his female body was begging for a cock especially from his dad, maybe it was the alchol making up his mind, but body felt like it needed him. “Alright BABE, let’s get serious here!” said Ryan in demanding tone. He pushed his father on the bed and plopped down and undid his dress a little so it wouldn’t get dirty from the rough house they’d be doing. “Let’s see what you got down there I know it’s weird, but mom’s body is just so so damn horny right now.” though Ryan as he pulled of his dad’s pants and started to jerk him off furiously. “Babe wait, wait, wait!” said Randy putting a hand on Ryan and stopping him. “let me fuck you on the bed please, I just feel like ramming my fist or cock into something.’ since you got me so fucking pumped.” “Ok, that can work to.” Ryan said with a sly grin.


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