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Bathing time

My best friend has used a purple dildo to transform me into a woman. All it took was a touch, and I was transformed into a hot woman. He thought that my mind had been altered too. “So, how do you feel Kim?” he asked. I pretended to be unaware of the changes, “Never better love” I said. He took his pants off, “not yet. We should do something sexy, like take a scented bath or something” I said. Read more

It is time to wake up

I knew the dreams felt real. But I didn’t know how real they actually were. Imagine everynight dreaming you are a hot brazilian girl. And now, imagine how good it feels when you discover you can actually control your dream. At first I was scared about those dreams, but now I spend my whole day hoping to fall asleep, so I can be Adriana once again. Read more

Time travel

I was 21 year’s old when I discovered I had the ability to travel back in time. It was weird at first. All I had to do, was close my eyes, hold my hands together, and think of any moment I would want to relieve. When I wanted to go back I would have to do the same thng. Read more


I was at the lab working on a special device. My investors expected me to finish it this week. What they wanted was a time travel machine; but the more testing I did, the more convinced I was that time travel was impossible. After some adjusting I got the machine to somewhat work. Read more