Is that your… brother?

“So that’s your brother?” Amanda asked Steph. They were sitting on the couch while a bikini clad woman was erotically dancing in front of them. She would sway her hips back and forth, shake her head and swing her hair. Every once in awhile she would play with her huge breasts, giving them a squeeze and moving them up and down.

“Well not anymore!” Steph laughed. “She WAS my brother, but now as you can see she is my lovely sister!”

“What’s her name?” Amanda asked.

“Claire,” Steph said. “Her new name is Claire!”

“Well, Claire looks really hot,” Amanda said, eyeing her up and down. “Even I have to admit that. So why did you do it?”

“I got tired of him annoying me all the time. Playing pranks on me every day, making fun of my small bust size, it was getting tiresome. So here ‘she’ is now. Oh you should have seen him when I transformed him. ‘She’ was freaking out and grabbing ‘her’ huge breasts! It was hilarious! I mean, he knows that I’m a witch so I dunno what she expected.”

“Why is she so happy now then?” Amanda asked.

“I control her,” Steph said. “She still has her old mind. She is aware of what is happening right now actually. She can see and hear us but I told her to be quite and dance, so that’s what she is doing! I bet she will be so pissed when she turns back into a guy. But that’s not before I have some fun with her.”

Steph got her purse and pulled out a huge vibrator. “Claire, lie down on the couch and spread your legs.” Claire obeyed and went down onto the couch, legs spread wide. “You’re going to enjoy this very much! Oh, and if you cum I’ll increase your bust size and length of your punishment. Let’s hope you can hold out!” Inside Claire’s mind she was screaming. She was not enjoying this. Amanda began to laugh as well.

“Oh, that’s so cruel! Can we do the same thing to my brother and dad? They’ve been getting on my nerves recently.”

“Of course we can! The more of us girls the better!”


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