Interactive Part 4 (Option 2 – Boy)

Brandi bounced over to you (in more ways than one), your eyes drawn over her nude body. Her boobies were smaller than your now. Good. you didn’t have to be jealous anymore. “Do you remember James?” she asked you. You thought for a long moment before saying, “That creep who used to try to sneak into the girls locker room?”
“Yes!” Brandi replied. “I have his number, and I, like, called him over! You remember what they used to say about his dick, right?”
“Oh, I saw it by accident once or twice. Is it going to fit?” you ask, suddenly worried about your tightness.
“I’m sure we can make it-” Brandi started to say, but she was cut off by a knock at the door. “Come in!” she shouted. The two of you giggle before saying: “We’re in the living room!”
James rounds the corner, and his eyes widen at the sight of your naked bodies, your boobies presented to him already, but you keep your legs closed for now.
“C’mon, big guy,” Brandi beckons to him. “Our boobies aren’t going to fuck themselves!” He undresses instantly, his foot-long dick swinging heavily between his powerful thighs.
Brandi may have called him over, but he heads straight for you. You try to look up and make eye contact, but nothing can pull your eyes away from the thing between his legs. You grab it, and place it between your boobies. He starts to thrust, and you press them harder against his dick. Brandi comes over, and he grabs one of her boobies, kneading it as he slides down your body. You spread your legs, feeling too good to worry about his size, and he enters your eager pussy.
You moan loudly, closing your eyes on Brandi’s look of jealousy. He thrusts in and out of you powerfully. Who knew you even went in that far! He moves faster and faster, groping Brandi harder and harder, until finally…
He cums inside you, filling you to the brim. he starts to pull out, and you let him. his attention turns to Brandi, and you let him do that too. You stay on the couch and rub your boobies calmly on your own while they have fun across the room. You had already had your fun with him.

Do you:
1. Become pregnant?
2. Go find the store you got the potion from? There might be some other fun potions for sale. (Say what you’d want them to be.)

(Note: Option 2 would pop up again, but 1 will not.)


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