I´m gonna break you

Had Gary known that this would have happened he would never have followed that slightly crazy girl back home to her place, but his will had been weak and his cock had been hard. Horny guys will do almost anything if they are promised sex.
He should have had second thoughts when she started to tie him up.
Something was definately wrong when she started to attach various pads with wires connected to them all over his body.
“Kylie, what are you doing?”, Gary asked with a hint of worry in his voice.
She walked up to him in the same alluring way she had encountered him at the bar. “Shush baby. All will be well”, and put a finger to his lips to quiet him. Then she turned around so she could continue work with the device all the wires was connected to. After a couple of minutes she was done tinkering.
She turned around and gave Gary a wink and a sly smile; “Ready? Here it comes!”, she said with glee and pressed down a lever.
Gary´s body began to jerk around when the energies began to dance inside of his body. The restraints made sure that he wouldn´t fall off from the table or hurt himself in any other way. Or escape for that matter.
At times it was the most blissful feeling in the world only to abruptly change to the worst searing pain in his life. How he percieved the sensations changed over time as his body changed.
Gary could in the few lucid moments he had see that his body was transforming into something else, something smaller. The next lucid moment he saw that his view was obscured by a pair of breasts. He blacked out again as a wave of bliss swept over him and took him away.

“Wake uuuup”, a female voice chirped softly in his ear. Kylie´s voice.
He was wide awake in an instant and tried to move away from her, but his restraints held him in place. He glanced down his body, past his breasts and saw that he was all female now. He slumped back his head on to the table again.
“Why?”, he asked her.
“Because….”, her voice trailed off before regaining strength; “…curiosity!”
Clearly she was out of her mind, Gary thought.
“And we are not done yet. What do you think of your brand new body?”
Gary kept his silence for a short while, weighing the words in his response.
“Please, change me back”, he pleaded.
“Pish posh!”, as she ignored his plea. “I will make you love your body. And I will use this!”, she said and held up an giant pink dildo to his face.
Without any further conversation she attached it to an machine that would make the dildo go back and forth, positioning the tip of the dildo at the entrance to his pussy.
“I kept some of the pads still on you so I could stimulate you”. Then the machine began to whirr and pump the dildo very slowly back and forth.
The first stroke moved inside of him in an excruciatingly slow pace, but the sensation of fullness made him whimper, which made Kylie smile.
When it moved out Greg felt that there was something missing, then the dildo began to enter him again, still very slow. Gary bit his lip.
Kylie enjoyed how Gary was reacting to the penetration and increased the pace on the machine. Gary moaned softly.
“I wanted to see how long it takes to break you”, she whispered in his ear and squeezed his breasts.
He tried to find resolve to resist but the pleasure down below made it hard to think.
“My my, I think we have a fighter here. Think I´ll adjust your sensetivity a lil bit”.
Gary felt the familiar energies flow around his body again but was concentrated on his boobs and pussy. The pleasure from being penetrated was ramped up in the process and a more audible moan was heard from his soft lips.
Gary squirmed and tried to keep himself together, but the more he fought back the more Kylie increased the pace on the machine that was penetrating him.
He felt how his will began to shatter when she began to fondle his breasts and kiss him all over his body.
The pressure inside of his body was building up and Gary was letting himself go and embrace the pleasure instead. “Mmmmm, yes”, he moaned.
His captor made a wicked smile.
Gary began to concentrate on the pleasure in his pussy and shut out the rest of the world. It was close now.
His whole body began to tigthen up and his breathing got faster and more irregular. All of sudden waves of pleasure coarsed through his whole body. His mind went blank and was riding an euforic endorphine high.

Kylie turned off the machine.

When she saw that Gary had recuperated from his latest adventure she leaned forward to him and asked if he had liked it.
“Like it?! I LOVED IT!”, he exclaimed. “Do it again! Do it again!”
“Sure babe! Hold on I´ll get get my strap on dildo first. You will really enjoy this one!”, Kylie winked.
As she was collecting her strap on she looked at the clock. “24 minutes and 15 seconds for making him asking for it. Not bad but her last one was broken in less than twenty minutes. Better luck next week, she thought.


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