I was a fairly skilled wizard, but I always looking to acquire more magical knowledge. I’d heard that there was a coven a couple towns over that had a massive archive of magical information, but they only let witches into their sanctum, never any wizards. I had an idea of how to get around that, though. It was a spell I’d never used before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.

I cast the spell, closed my eyes and waited then walked over to the mirror, already feeling a strange pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes and froze in shock. I was a knock-out. As in, model hot. I would have definitely fucked this chick, if she wasn’t me, that is.

The infiltration went as planned; the one snag was that the coven used lots of sex magick, and I got much more familiar with what sex feels like from a woman’s pov then I’d intended. Those guys simply did. not. stop and a couple of days I couldn’t even walk after a long night with them. That one night with the twin guys…..

I still go back and forth from my form and this one—-Beth, I call myself. I enjoy it a lot, after all.


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