Looking At Yourself in Shock

As Ted looked at himself from his one night stand’s body, he was shocked!

“Listen, Teddy boy, I had fun and all, but I have to admit the real reason I slept with you. It was to become you. I’ve been stuck in that body you see for 500 years, and only just last night was the time up on the curse, so that I could swap by sleeping with someone. I decided to got back to a male body, I’d been a chick for 500 years, but before that I was a man, and I want to continue that life, the life that was intended before my curse. I was cursed to that form for cheating on my then wife, with a bountiful lass, so I was changed into one myself, by her with her magic, to be taught a long lesson, never to age, only to remain as I was until 500 years was up. Once that was up, if I so chose, I could change bodies by swapping, but I had to have sex to do it and recite the curse three times. You were probably too drunk to hear me recite it. Just having sex wouldn’t do it, and I had thought of not swapping with you, not sure I wanted to go back just yet, and not sure I wanted to put the curse on you, but in that moment I just had to do it.

Look at it this way, you might be stuck as a woman for 500 years before you can be a man again, but I’m going to grow old and die now in your body. You will live for at least 500 years, and never age. Granted you’ll do it as a female, but believe me that is not so bad, and you might even find it way better than that old male body of yours if you give it a chance. Who knows? Maybe in 500 years, you’ll decide not to swap with anyone. As long as you don’t recite that curse three times you won’t change no matter how much sex you have. Also as long as you remain in that body, you’ll never age, even after the 500 years, at least that was according to the wife that put the spell on me. She was at least kind enough to tell me the details before leaving me. You never know as magical as she was, she may even still be alive some place, even all those years after that event in good ole Ireland in 1516.

Speaking of which, y0u could look for her if you wanted, but she was very specific that the curse once put on someone couldn’t be lifted until the time was up. You should have the means for it, after all I accumulated quite the fortune over 500 years, you would be surprised, just don’t ask me how I earned some of it! It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t fret too much, you are a beautiful woman, a bountiful lass as I was called, and I thoroughly enjoyed my life after the initial shock wore off. Why would I switch then? I started as a man, and wanted to end as a man, and I’m ready to live out my years and die like normal humans. The added 500 years was enough for me, I’ll be ready to go to the afterlife and what it offers after this, I’ve spent enough years in this world.

Ted was told his new name was Bernadette O’Lovins, a bountiful lass, an Irish lady, a Celtic woman! This was a lot for Ted to acknowledge, but he did it.

“Oh, I see, I am bountiful. I feel… I feel… different, but wonderful. My life was in a lull anyway, I thought some fun sex with a one night stand like you would help me feel better, as it’s usually not my way, but this worked out even better. I might just use this as my new beginning, a beginning to a long life as a wonderful female! This is not so bad, I feel great. Just do me one favor?”

“Anything, Bernadette, my dear,” said Ted smiling that things worked out, and it seem they were both where they wanted to be in body.

“Let me have sex with you again, this time as the woman! I want to do this, and I’m sure you’d love to have sex as a man again after five whole centuries of not. What do you say? Are you ready to go again, this time on the flipside? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck my own cock, and now I can found out easily, as I couldn’t reach it before, so let’s do this,” said Bernadette.

“Babe, you must be a mind reader, time to get down to business,” said the new Ted.

Ted as Bernadette whispered in his ear before they started however, “Just don’t cheat on me….”

The new Ted said, shocked, “WHAT?!”

“I’m just kidding, messing with you, didn’t you have sense of humor after all these years, jeesh lighten up stud,” said Bernadette before pulling her former cock out and dropping to her nylon clad knees!


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