Indecent exposure

When Tom got fired, he knew it was Mitch who’d pushed him out. The competition for partner was fierce, and now that he’d spread all those rumors about Tom there was one less person in his way. Tom was pissed, he had to get back at Mitch. Tom couldn’t let that fucker get away with what he’d done to him.

That’s when He appeared. The man in the red suit. Appearing in a cloud of smoke and fire and offering Tom his revenge, Tom couldn’t not ask Him if He was the devil. He just laughed and said He wasn’t charging anything. He asked if Tom would really do anything to make sure Mitch didn’t make partner and in an instant Tom told Him yes.

Being turned into a girl was quite a surprise for Tom, as was being suddenly more than ten years younger. The man in red told Tom he had everything I needed now to make sure Mitch got fired. Bewildered, Tom asked Him how and the man in red told Tom all Mitch needed was some small charge on his record to keep him from making partner. Tom knew of Mitch’s reputation as a horn dog and told the man in red Mitch never be so dumb as to get caught paying for sex. The man in red said that wasn’t the plan.

Tom `ran into’ Mitch one day when he was leaving his building. It was weird, flirting with a man he hated, but Tom did his best. Either he was good or just sexy, cause Mitch asked him out on a date. The date was harder, and it was clear Mitch only wanted one thing. It was humiliating letting Mitch fuck him, worse when despite his best efforts at resistance, Mitch brought Tom to orgasm. It did get him another date, and the fact that Tom had genuinely been moaning like a whore made the next part more believable.

Tom `admitted’ to being an exhibitionist, a trait the man in red had said Mitch also had. To prove it Tom blew Mitch in some bushes in the park, then the two of them walked home, Tom on Mitch’s arm, Mitch’s cum on Tom’s face.

Tom knew the decision on partnership was coming up soon. She kept pushing for more and more sex in public. They just needed to get caught once and for Mitch to get a public indecency charge and then it would be over. Somehow no one ever seemed to notice, even when Tom moaned (involuntarily) like a whore. He really started having suspicions when Mitch pulled his pants down on a mostly empty bus and started fucking him. Tom couldn’t believe the guy behind them just read his newspaper with his headphones in and didn’t notice the couple screwing literally inches from him. He didn’t think about it for too long though as, like always, it started to feel really good and Tom felt himself reaching yet another orgasm.

In the back of the bus neither of them notice a man in red sitting next to a man in blue.

“That really seems like cheating. Making it so that no one notices when he has his dick out in public.” The man in red said.

“No more than making him into a girl, then making her like sex so much to agree to your convoluted plan.” The man in blue said. “We each played to our own strengths.”

The man in red sighed, “Maybe you’re right. They were both pretty nasty people. So full of anger and greed. Look at them now though. Just fucking merrily.”

“You always did love turning men into women. Speaking of which…”

“I know, I heard they decided to make him partner. I lost the bet.” The man in red said. He shimmered and morphed and was soon a woman in a red dress.

“Excellent. You always did make a gorgeous woman.” The man in blue said and unzipped his fly, “Now how about you suck me off while I watch our little toys fuck each other?”

The woman in red smiled and lowered her head, “Next time it’ll be you!” She said.

“You always say that.” The man in blue said, enjoying the show and the feeling of his companion’s mouth on his cock. He wondered what would happen to the two of them as he watched Tom moan and spasm in what looked like an incredible orgasm. No doubt eventually Tom would figure out something was up when they never got caught for screwing in public. What came next was anyone’s guess. While she might not have fallen in love with Mitch she’d certainly fallen in love with his cock.

The man in blue sighed and leaned his head back, feeling his companion’s mouth bob up and down on him. The two of them would need to check back on these two in a few years time to see whatever ended up happening…


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